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Poster - P-40 Warhawk Print

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P-40 Warhawk Print

$ 27.95

Ever wonder where the tradition of painting shark teeth on the P-40 Warhawk began? Here's the story:

When the P-40 Warhawk was first produced a number of them were sent to the Royal Air Force. They called them Tomahawks but they were essentially the same plane. Squadron 112 was re-equipped with a number of them after many of their Gloster Gladiators had been destroyed.

The pilots of the squadron decided that the Tomahawks cowling was the perfect place to paint their squadron badge, a black cat. Unfortunately the pilots weren't the greatest artists and the cat ended up looking more like a fish with sharp teeth.

A group of American pilots in China, the American Volunteer Group, or "Flying Tigers" as they came to be known, saw pictures of the Tomahawks and decided to paint their planes as well. However they painted them with shark teeth. 

The AVG was an incredibly successful group of pilots and during their 6 months in existence they managed to shoot down over 280 Japanese aircraft. They became a legend and squadrons around the world began to paint their P-40 cowlings with the same shark teeth.

Celebrate this incredible aircraft with this spotter card print that's perfect for your hanger or man cave.

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