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Poster - B-17 Flying Fortress Print. The B-17 was an incredible WWII bomber!

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B-17 Flying Fortress Print

$ 27.95

"Without the B-17 we may have lost the war." -General Carl Spaatz (American Air commander in Europe)

Originally called model 299, the B-17 took it's first flight on July 28th, 1935 out of Boeing Field in Seattle, WA. The name "Flying Fortress" was dubbed by a Seattle Times reporter and quickly adopted by Boeing.

The first B-17 saw combat in 1941, before the US entered the War. The British Air Force took delivery of several B-17's and used them when performing high altitude missions.

There were a number of different models manufactured but the final model, the B-17G was the most widely produced. With 13 .30 caliber machine guns it definitely earned the name Flying Fortress.

B-17's were loved by their crews because of their ability to return home despite taking heavy damage that would have destroyed many other planes.

This print is intended to celebrate this incredible aircraft that helped end WWII.


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