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Poster - Spitfire Print

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Spitfire Print

$ 27.95

 Many WWII historians look at the Battle of Britain as a critical turning point in the war. The Battle of Britain took place in 1940 over the course of several months during which Hitler sent 2,600 fighters and bombers on a mission to destroy the Royal Air Force. 

Having conquered nearly all of Europe, the German forces seemed to believe that Britain would quickly surrender. They didn't and Hitler was forced to send bombers and fighters across the channel to try and destroy the RAF.

When the Battle began the RAF only had 640 fighters, made up of Hurricane's and Spitfires. They quickly increased production and over the course of the battle managed to shoot down 1,887 German planes while losing 1,023.

The German air force was severely  demoralized and the tide of the war began to shift as Hitler gave up taking Britain.

This airplane spotter print celebrates one of the most iconic fighters of WWII. 

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