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Poster - B-24 Liberator Print

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B-24 Liberator Print

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The B-24 was manufactured by Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. Originally they were asked to produce the B-17 however after two of their employees spent time in the B-17 factory the company decided to produce it's own bomber, which became the B-24. The United States Army Air Corp had asked for a bomber that could meet the following requirements:

  • Fly at 300 mph
  • Had a 3,000 mile range
  • Fly at 35,000 ft

The B-24 met 2 out of the 3 with a max speed of only 273 mph. The USAAC was happy with it however and over the course of WWII over 18,000 of them were manufactured.

Unfortunately the B-24 was not as well liked as the B-17 and suffered from weaker wings and higher accident rates than the B-17. This may be due to the fact that the B-24 was designed during a war and the USAAC was more concerned with the quantity of aircraft produced over the quality of that aircraft. The B-17 was designed before the war began and it's design was honed in at the beginning of the war.

Despite it's flaws the B-24 was widely used throughout the war and saw greater success in the Pacific theater over the European theater.

Celebrate this iconic plane with this unique B-24 Liberator print.


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